The Tasmanian Principals Association is very pleased to announce that the
Tasmanian Principals Conference ‘Leading for Wellbeing’
will be held at Country Club Tasmania, Launceston, from 3 to 5 June 2020.

If you have any questions about attending or sponsoring the conference please email Conference Design

Tasmanian Principals Conference Committee 2020

Sally Milbourne
President – Tasmanian Principals Association

Tamara Clark
Business Manager – Tasmanian Principals Association

Samantha Abblitt
TPA Vice President Primary, Principal, Port Sorell Primary School

Jeanagh Viney
TPA Member, Principal, Hagley Farm

Deaine Coyle
TPA Executive Member, Principal, Youngtown Primary School

Ted Barrance
Principal – Tasman District School

Angela Burbury
TPA Member, Principal, Collinsvale Primary School

Karena Gregory
TPA Member, Principal Education Officer

Dianne Poulton
TPA Member, Principal, Forth Primary School

Brett Youd
TPA Executive, Principal, East Devonport Primary School


The Tasmanian Principals Association is a highly respected professional association which exists to provide support to public school leaders and a thriving public education system.

The TPA focuses on the highest quality leadership development. The TPA is recognised as a pivotal group in the formation of policy and strategic direction at departmental and government levels. All sections of the media respect the professional, balanced voice of the Tasmanian Principals Association.