The Future of Work

Claire Madden

Leveraging opportunity and innovation amidst disruption, preparing teams for the future of work

In the wave of computerisation, global connectivity and automation across our workforce, it is estimated 40% of our jobs will be threatened by computerisation in the next 10-15 years. The jobs which are more likely to be safe are those that require high levels of creativity and problem solving, high levels of social interaction and EQ, and high levels of dexterity. Workers of the future will need to be lifelong learners, be agile and adaptive to changing job roles and tasks with increased automation, and be responsive to new markets. Emerging generations will not be thinking ‘job for life’ – they will be thinking about job mobility rather than job security as they will need to continue to adapt to the changing external environment. They will be looking to gain transferable skills that they can continue to build on as their career develops. Claire will unpack how you can position your organisation and teams for the future of work.

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Mar 31 2022


1:45 pm - 3:15 pm