Month: December 2023

10 Seconds of Courage Nadine’s passion is teaching people to harness their own incredible mental strength by providing easy to perform exercises that stay with participants for life. Having spent decades learning her craft from a Master instructor, Nadine provides...
  • 15/12/2023
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Creating Champions: Positive Minds, Powerful Hearts & Courageous Actions In this transformative workshop, you’ll learn martial arts mindset secrets to help you unlock your inner champion. This workshop isn’t just about creating winners—it’s about becoming an unstoppable leader. Champions are...
  • 13/12/2023
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Capturing hearts and minds and shaping futures: what to pack for the expedition. In this keynote Angela will share her thinking around the contents of a leader’s toolkit that aids successful engagement of staff, students and community in a positive,...
  • 10/12/2023
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