Sarah Ralston

Sarah Ralston, CEO at Rebooting Life and Resilient Us, is on a lifelong quest to find the most effective and innovative practices to help us all make the most of our potential and opportunities. Over two decades working as a therapist and educator, in grass roots development in Asia, Australian state, federal and international community development Sarah has developed a multidisciplinary framework that supports positive behavioural change. She has combined her formal studies in anthropology, psychology and counselling (B Arts (Hons), Grad Dip Korean Lang., M Arts, Grad Dip Psych, Psych. Hons) with training and qualifications in trauma studies, neuroscience, counselling, yoga and mindfulness. She provides both the insight and practical tools to shift mindsets and take steps in the right direction.

In response to a lack of effective complex (childhood) trauma interventions, Sarah is a pioneer in the development of trauma-transformative tools. Creating Reboot in 2005, Sarah has delivered highly experiential, practical training to 10 000s of participants with over 99% recommending the program to their peers. The Reboot Whole-Brain Framework and neuroscience-based tools support over 250 000+ learners and families. Sarah has contributed significantly to the Berry Street Education Model, has taught at QUT, and spoken at Australian and international conferences.

Witnessing the impact and needs of frontline staff in schools and organisations, Sarah also created Resilient Us. Using a multidisciplinary framework, Resilient Us helps minimise the inevitable impact of high-demand and trauma-impacted workspaces while maximising workplace satisfaction. Resilient Us focuses on practical individual and collective interventions that boost overall resilience and wellbeing.

Appreciating that your time is valuable, all of Sarah’s training is highly experiential, practical and fun. When she isn’t on a plane, or in training, filming or creating you will find Sarah at the beach with her beautiful child and family, traveling throughout Buddhist lands, tending to her indoor jungle or hiking over a hill.